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The eight-part novella series concludes.


Four young UVA members have

been illegally detained by the government. Grace Kimble and her army of fellow vampires will stop at nothing to get them back. A citywide operation is launched, one which could not only free the prisoners, but might also bring an end to the human-vampire conflict once and for all.


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a novella series




A red and black splash illustration for the novella The Blood Detail. Blood and rainwater mix, with beat-up, damaged typography.

The action begins: read the first Vigil e-book for free!

A b&w promo illustration for the Collective novel series. The spacecraft Horizon pulls into orbit around the moon of Verdan.


Sci-fi with character

An ad illustration for the novel A New World. Protagonist Mikhail Kucherov on a green and white background.

The moon of Verdan is no paradise

High adventure in an alien wilderness

From the year 2213

An ad illustration for the novel In a Flash. Protagonist Tana Kucherov on an orange and white background.

What happened to the city of Echograd?

A mystery on the other side of the galaxy

From the year 2234

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Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Arvin Loudermilk hand wrote his first novel—a high school superhero fantasy based embarrassingly, and almost entirely, on himself—at the age of seventeen. As a young man he had moderate illustration skills, leading friends and family to believe he was good at drawing, when unfortunately, he was barely decent, at best. Despite this, his desire to create comic books was strong, yet without an

able illustration hand, his potential was limited.


In May of 1989, Arvin met Mike Iverson, an illustrator and designer looking for part-time work in a new and still unknown town. By the end of their first hour of conversation, Mike and Arvin had joined forces on New Guard, a Soviet era superhero comic. Sadly, the late lamented New Guard never found a publisher, despite numerous submission efforts. A second comic book concept, Vigil, a crime fiction epic featuring a gun-wielding vampire vigilante, had better success, finding publication with Innovation in 1992. Twenty-one more issues of Vigil followed, from two more publishers, ending

its run at over a thousand pages.


A myriad of follow-up projects were juggled and considered, but Collective, a science fiction soap opera, won the day. Collective’s first storyline saw four print issues, before Arvin  and Mike, desperate to see this specific work in color, shifted to the new and unstable ground of web publishing. The series' initial run was completed online, totally in at more than three hundred and fifty pages. Additional Collective stories were on the drawing table, but tragedy and the real world intervened.


In the years that followed, Arvin became more and more convinced that Collective and Vigil would be natural fits in the world of prose. The development process to shift to this new creative platform was long and frustrating, but the end result, an assortment of novels and novellas, began its long-term publishing schedule with the 2012 release of In a Flash.







Writer, Comic Book Series

Innovation Publications, 1992 -1993

Millennium Publications, 1994 - 1996

Duality Press, 1997 - 1999



Writer, Comic Book Series

Duality Press, 1999 - 2000

Duality Entertainment, 2001 - 2002


Grace: Wildchild

Writer, Web Comic

Duality Entertainment, 2002



Writer, Web Comic

Duality Entertainment, 2003 - 2004



Writer, Novel Series

The Concentrium, 2012 -



Writer, Novella Series

The Concentrium, 2013 -


In a Flash

A Collective Novel

From the year 2234

A New World

A Collective Novel

From the year 2213

The Blood Detail

Vigil Novella #1

Officer in the vicinity

One of Them

Vigil Novella #2

Caution: Subject BD-01

The Underground

Vigil Novella #3

A Time of Gathering


Vigil Novella #4

After Midnite

A Thrill to Kill

Vigil Novella #5

Beast in a Cage

Born for It

Vigil Novella #6

Into the Lion's Den

The Dawn Principle

Vigil Novella #7

Most Wanted

Song of the Damned

Vigil Novella #8

All Together

Coming: Remastered Vigil Comics



Generational Science Fiction


Vampire Crime Fiction

Coming: The Age of Power


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